Global Business Communication
We help individuals contribute to a healthy bottom line by writing emails that get read and acted on, and conducting effective telecons. We also create an awareness of cultural differences in communication styles, vocabulary and idioms, which facilitates comprehension and enhances client confidence.

Cross-cultural CRM
Our program is steered by the premise that it is imperative to understand and appreciate diversity in clients' cultural values, personalities, work preferences and pressures. In addition, business etiquette varies in different parts of the world, making it a critical element in establishing effective business relations.

Leading Global Teams
We coach global leaders to leverage their understanding of cultural variations in how a team member views hierarchy or risk, or how he values time. By tweaking one's communication and feedback style, respecting differences and building upon what's common, he is able to build a culture of trust.

Travel Sensitization
Culture shock is real for a large percentage of individuals traveling to client location. We prepare these often first-time travelers to make the right first impression by understanding the host culture, and exhibiting appropriate workplace as well as social etiquette.

Content Development and Editing
From ghost writing, guidebooks and manuals, e-learning content, life skill and lifestyle articles to brand identity and marketing collateral, our team of writers delivers audience-driven, high-quality content. We help companies communicate with impact through the power of strategically thought out copy. 

Pay it forward (Train the trainer) 
As experts in executing pilot projects, we create modules from scratch, run and test them in their live environment and then pass the baton on to the next generation of trainers. The package includes trainer manual, audio visual support and props if any).