Two diverse cultures take on a third

Every team intervention I do focuses on an appreciation for diversity -- cultural as well as personalities, work styles, upbringing, lifestyles, exposure, schooling, interests, etc.

Recently, I worked with two cultures who had come together to travel abroad to take on a sensitive client project. 

Firstly, it was imperative that the two teams understood AND stood by each other. Their second challenge was to understand the host culture to secure the account.

The two team cultures were similar in the way that they were both highly collective and indirect communicators; however, one to a greater degree than the other. Secondly, one team had folks from smaller towns who hadn't travelled abroad before and hadn't had to worry about dining and meeting etiquette.

The preparation included global business etiquette -- making small talk, the handshake, body language and personal space. We dug deeper into understanding tone, reading between the lines, and feedback styles -- both when giving and receiving feedback. 

I held a separate session for the second team where we simulated dining and meeting etiquette, as well as asking intelligent questions in training.

All in all, a very rewarding session. The team is standing tall and walking the talk.

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