NLP and language learning

If you're looking to learn a new language, model the experts -- babies!

Here are a couple of interesting points I came across from Michael DeBusk's post.

1. It's not just exposure to the language; babies learn from those important people in their lives -- find that state inside yourself

2. Babies babble -- you don't need to babble, but play with the language and experiment -- have fun and learn from feedback

3. They don't go through the dictionary in alphabetical order; they begin with words that get them the results they want -- 'mama' ' papa', etc.

Begin using words in context -- meeting someone, asking for directions, giving information, talking about yourself, and even conversations related to your work.

From Michael's post we learn that unlike babies who are wired to learn language, after the age of six most of us depend on our memories. I'm exploring the two books he referred.

In the meanwhile, here's one: unlocking self-expression through NLP.
It promises to stimulate a real desire to talk and write and create a growing sense of ownership. I particularly like the exercises for reading comprehension.

There are activities for beginners to advanced learners.

Do share other NLP techniques you use in ELT.


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  4. Sorry I disappeared; been doing so much studying and research with NLP that I haven't had the time to document everything:)

    Will pick up pace again.

    Am currently researching and using NLP to coach people to learn language/develop fluency and understand cultural differences. Do share your learning or experiences as well.

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