Client testimonials

”Anna is one of the most creative people I've met. Not only does she bring a depth of content creation expertise but she is also an extremely skilled and effective trainer. Anna has developed for Crimson, several training modules for colleges, hospitals, and corporates. Her material is thorough, elegant, user friendly and comes with a comprehensive training guide for the next generation of trainers to leverage on.” Bhavani Harimohan, Founder The Crimson Institute

“Anna recertified me in voice and accent communication training through Contentment India. Her self- created materials, experience and delivery was inspiring, superbly written and delivered with experience. Anna trained me in her methods, sharing case studies and allowing me chances to analyse prospective students and prepare lesson plans. It was one of the most comprehensive training programs I have attended in addition to one of the most tailor-made and relevant to my work. Anna is able to tap into one's individual talents and personality to bring out the best!” Jennifer Kumar, Owner and Program Director Authentic Journeys Cross-Cultural Coaching Services

“With the help of Annelise Piers, we were able to customize the soft-skill training for every level of our organization. We worked on client relationship management at the lower level, developed a big-picture mentality as well as commitment and trust at a middle level, and taught how to build high-performance teams and cross-culture mentality at the highest level of the organization”  Álvaro Ulloa Echandi, HR Manager Amba Research Costa Rica

“Annelise is a gifted individual who has the rare quality of nurturing, coaching and bringing out the best in her trainees. She is a very mature, motivated and committed professional who is genuinely concerned about the professional and personal development of individuals. She is equally effective in working with mutli cultural and global teams and manages to make them successful through her persistence, charming and non-threatening demeanor and sincerity of purpose. Her soft skill training and mentoring programs create contagious energy, enthusiasm and are life changing for some of her participants. It is an asset to be associated with a special individual like Anna!” Priti Parekh, Chief Operating Officer (COO), Amba Research India

“We have used the services of Annelise and her team for several team- building/motivation camps, and for communication training. I have rarely seen anyone as enthusiastic or cheerful as her. Beneath her pleasant, and informal, demeanour, is a very creative and knowledgeable professional, who is genuinely interested in people. She will deliver results, and make several close friends, while going about her job. Our company was fortunate to have crossed paths with someone as talented as Ms. Piers.” Paul Alapat, Managing Director, Amba Research

"On behalf of CBM SARO(N) I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the amazing training sessions given to the team. All would like to express their appreciation for your willingness to address issues considering inclusion of persons with disabilities, while everyone has remarked they feel empowered by your skills training. Indeed you were able to address a group of CBM staff, from all walks of life, and both of Indian and foreign origin, imparting something all! We all look forward to working with you again! "Silvana Mehra, Regional Director CBM SARO(N)

“Annelise Piers has been consulting with Amba Research since 2006. She came on board to enhance teams' English communication. However, in a very short time she had learned enough about the industry to contribute to and deliver the financial writing module. More recently, she's played a major part in the CRM and Leadership training.

She's always got her finger on the pulse, customizing training for various audiences in India, Colombo and Costa Rica from different departments and organizational levels.

Annelise is an asset to Amba and my team in particular. She constantly upgrades her skills and brings fresh ideas and unconventional training methodology into the classroom. Her use of game and the arts has delivered concrete results on the floor.” Aruna Perera, CFA Amba Research Srilanka '

“I have had the fortune of working with Anna on a few occasions. I found her to be very high energy, innovative, learn new methods of achieving results and a true professional. She possesses a rare quality of a trainer - ever interested in knowing how her trainees are performing. She kept in touch with her trainees even after the engagement and also came up with ideas to improve training content and delivery methodology much after her engagement.” Rama Harave, General Manager - Service Excellence at Firstsource Solutions Ltd.

"Anna is a very good trainer with a positive attitude and a pleasant personality. She is one of the few trainers who easily connects with people and groups from different parts of the globe with varied cultures. She is always eager to learn (and try) new things. She has a very high sense of 'responsibility' which ensures that even if others drop the ball, she would pick it up unhesitatingly and run with it. All in all it has been a real pleasure working with Anna." Hari T.N, Managing Director and Global Head Human Resources at Amba Research