Using mind maps to wow the client

I use mind maps extensively in facilitation, from planning a con call agenda to writing emails and reports.

More recently I facilitated a CRM session using mind maps to help participants literally see the big picture.

The various branches included client personality, communication preferences, position, goals and priorities. As they unleashed their right brain, the network of branches showed where the individual fell in the the client's vaue chain, how his deliverable figured in the client's scheme of things, what's worked to build the relationship, what has been tried, and the gaps.

This best-practice sharing session helped participants borrow ideas from each other and also get more specific about the challenges they were facing. One's tendency to generalize and say something like, "My client constantly changes his mind!" led to a discussion on when specifically the client had asked for changes, what led to these reiterations and how some individuals have capitalized on their clients' disorganized behaviour to partner with them, make suggestions and increase dependency.

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  1. Can I do this exercise with you? Sounds like FUN!