About us

Contentmentindia was born out of a passion to empower individuals in language and life skills. With over 22 years of collective experience in corporate training and development, customer services, sourcing and placements, founder Annelise Piers' strengths lie in research and presentation of business-related issues in a practical, hands-on learning experience.

Contentmentindia stands in the gap for companies that operate in globalized markets, building bridges, trust and an appreciation of diversity between teams and clients. We make it our business to mind yours by designing programs to hone individuals' intrinsic skills, thereby leading to greater customer satisfaction, reduced attrition and increased productivity / business.

Our forte is our ability to keep a finger on the pulse of the target audience and deliver content customized to their specific needs through game, neuro linguistic programming and sociometrics.

Apart from coaching in Cross-cultural business communication and Customer relationship management, we offer Editing and Content development services. We design and edit the written word to ensure global appeal of a brand and uniformity in comprehension across cultures.

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