NLP interventions at the workplace -- more than what meets the eye

I understand the skepticism some people might have about using NLP at work. These are the folks on the sidelines, looking in and seeing people either drifting deep into themselves for answers to outcomes they want, or moving from one square to another on the floor to get different perspectives on a problem.

Ask anyone who's experienced the change and you'll hear testimonials of managing difficult team mates better, being able to handle a really tough client, or standing up in front of a crowd to make a presentation -- minus the crippling fear.

Our application of NLP can even be as simple as understanding people's communication styles.

Case study: Resolving a manager's conflict with his one-down, Mahesh.
The manager's complaint, "He just talks a lot and I see nothing concrete! His presentations are very basic! He just calls team meetings and doesn't email an agenda." After meeting with Mahesh and hearing his side of the story, we realized he was more auditory, preferring verbal updates over reports, mentally going through a meeting agenda -- basically relying heavily on speech over visual communication. Any wonder the more visual manager thought he was all talk?

Mahesh has put a plan in place to email updates and meeting agenda. He's putting together more structured reports and has decided to maximize his reach by documenting on-the-job training. Finally, when it comes to team training, he's realized he needs to resort to show and tell.

All in a day's work!

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