Political correctness for dummies. Oops! Sorry ... for the ...challenged?!

I agree we need to respect self, others, AND our planet and I thought this was a good article to begin a discussion. A politically correct version of Noddy.

The issue isn't the terms we use to refer to 'different' people, but that they are still treated as 'different'. My 'differentlyabled' participants wanted to be treated just like the others and that I acknowledged their 'difference' instead of tippytoeing around them. Great learning, what do you think?


  1. This is indeed a loaded topic!

    I do agree, actions speak louder than words. However, as words are heard sometimes before actions are felt - I think words are important. However, to say where the cut off is, it's hard to say.

    Some people take some terms immediately as offensive / hurtful, while some use them more as descriptors. Terms can be seen as stereotypes, and no one wants to be seen as a stereotype.

    1. This is a sticky topic. The reason I started this discussion was three fold:
      1. To create awareness among the less globally savvy
      2. To collect a list of today's politically correct terminology -- please share your list with us ... Native Americans, African Americans, visually challenged, hearing impaired and differently abled.
      3. To understand where it just gets too much -- vertically challenged?! Really?! Holiday tree?