Empowering leaders of global teams

We stand in the gap for companies that operate in globalized markets, building bridges, trust and an appreciation of diversity between teams and clients.

We integrate Hofstede's research on cultural dimensions and Neuro Linguistic Programming in individual and group coaching, enabling participants to build strong self-belief which enhances communication.

We have perfected the art of using game theory and challenge participants with physical, mental and board games to simulate real-time workplace challenges. Apart from these tools, we widely use sociometrics — a physical representation, measurement and study of preferences.

Contentment INDIA customizes the following business communication modules:

1. Email and telephone etiquette, based on an understanding of
a. Cross-cultural value diversity that impacts communication
b. Client diversity – personalities, pressures and preferences
2. Communication between global teams, leveraging an understanding of hierarchy, communication and decision making styles, as well as of how one sees time
3. Leading global teams, paying attention to management, communication and feedback styles

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