Netting the big catch

Understanding the client's pain and finding ways to ease it is the bait that will bring in the big fish.

Recently did a fish bone analysis with a group who were so much in the picture that they believed their client was an ogre. Well that's where we began. Working backwards, each team member listed possible causes of this perceived effect on postits. The idea of this independent working was to allow each one's voice to be heard. We bucketed like causes and fleshed out more specifics under each.

I say perceived effect because when we brought the team manager in, she was able to play devil's advocate and plead the client's case. The team was able to see the bigger picture and put best practices in place to minimize the challenges they were experiencing, namely lack of communication, ambiguity and unrealistic expectations.

Will check back with them in a month to see how they're doing in calmer waters.

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