Managing your time as only you know how

Had a very interesting session, helping individuals manage their time. Many realized they were caught in quadrant one (urgent and important), rushing against the clock to deliver on ad hoc, last-minute tasks the clients sent at the end of the day. Some found they were over reporting, while others spent WAY too much time in QC (quality check).

As each drew out the big picture of their 24-hour day, and traced patterns, they were able to step back and find solutions.

One realized client A invariably woke up on a Friday evening, the day with back-to-back reports to generate. She decided to email A that she had xxx tasks for Friday and should A need anything, to let her know end of day Thursday, so she can block the time.

Another found elements that overlapped in many of the reports and that he was duplicating his efforts.

Time to ponder where you're spending this valuable resource, don't you think? 

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