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As a writer writing for others or shall I say for a living, I am sometimes taken to the far corners of despair and frustration. Luckily for me, the theatrics of me does not allow me to become a cynic and sitting in that far corner surrounded by frustration, I can hear my own laughter. For every moment that I think the client is being unfair, I know it too well that they are human too. There is a lot I learn with every interaction and it has only helped me become better, smarter and patient. The lines that follow depict the predicament of many of us... To my fellow writer friends, write with passion, submit your work with dedication and have the ability to stay in meditation till you hear from your client…We are in it because we choose to be in it…

An ode to writers
When ideas flow
And creativity takes wing
Just when you think you have the right words
The client calls in…
Give me something different
Make it interesting
It should be entertaining, amusing and interesting
And here you wonder –
So I must use only adjectives in the writing?!?!

You put pen to paper
Fingers on the keypad
Writing, yes!
But very worried about Ithenticate…

Day turns into night
Surrounded by cups and more
You go all out to meet the deadline
Aha! Mail sent, work done
Only to get a response –
Will revert in a few days, I am on Vacation…

Contributed by Meenakshi Mehta

The writing team at Contentmentindia spends many a creative moment giving your processes and products a voice. We aim to help companies create an impact when they communicate internally and externally, through the power of strategically thought out copy. From ghost writing, guidebooks and manuals, e-learning content, life skill and lifestyle articles to brand identity and marketing collateral, we deliver audience-driven, high-quality content.

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